mArKeTiNG serviCES  aGeNCY with the Myanmar approach

Whether you are a Marketing or Communication Officer, a CEO or MD, you agree on taking responsible business risks. Business risks that contribute to the growth of your organization or company. We, ‘Myanmar Hand in Hand’, a Myanmar-based marketing services and distribution agency, will help our clients with the Marketing & marketing relates services aspects of these investments. First, we make the connection between strategy and marketing. Next, we invest the marketing and services budget in a creative and therefore effective manner. We use both the latest innovations in online and offline marketing, as the latest trends in online communication. All in service of responsible and profitable business investment.

The top 5 Unique Buying Reasons in favor of The Myanmar Hand in Hand

  1. We understand the reasons for certain buying behavior. We differentiate our customers positively from competitors through our creative and bold designs.
  2. We are flexible, can move quickly and have no additional mark-up on prices, because there must be outsourced.
  3. We have a back office full of specialists so that we have an in-house backup for each specialty.
  4. We have expertise in marketing and communications, both in online and offline. Because of this we are well able to extensively work on the overall marketing and communications strategy.
  5. We have experience working with clients in various industries. This gives us knowledge of different sectors which enables us to take on clever solutions in one sector and another.